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Prosté – For smooth function of the Prostate with special composition of 7 ingredients, 45 tablets


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Prosté is a nutritional supplement for the smooth functioning of the prostate with a special composition. Treats problems due to prostate dysfunction. It stands for the advanced synthesis of vitamins and minerals, with synergistic herbal extracts for maintaining and protecting the health of the prostate. At the same time, it contributes to the good functioning of the reproductive system, with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and diuretic action. Enhances the function of the urinary system, ideal for those who have problems with night urination. 45 tablets / package.


Prosté is a nutritional supplement for the smooth functioning of the prostate with a special composition.

  • Treats problems due to prostate dysfunction.
  • Maintaining and protecting the health of the prostate
  • It contributes to the proper functioning of the reproductive system
  • Strengthens the functioning of the urinary system
  • It reduces the symptoms of nocturia

More than half of the male population over 50 years of age do not find it difficult to urinate and this usually means a healthy and well-functioning prostate. However, between 45 and 50 years it becomes important to maintain the natural functioning of the prostate.

The prostate is a gland that plays a vital role in the male reproductive system by secreting the seminal fluids needed in sperm production. It is an organ the size of a walnut located under the bladder and around the urethra, a duct from which urine comes out.

It is important not only for men of a certain age but also for the youngest to eat properly, that is to respect a balanced diet. This is the first step in maintaining a healthy prostate.

Furthermore, an additional and constant supply of specific nutrients can be useful to rebalance the daily diet:

  • Typical antioxidants such as vitamin E
  • Zinc and Magnesium
  • Phyto-hormonal substances are naturally present in food and plant extracts.

Abbé Roland has formulated a dietary supplement based on Beta-sitosterol, Vitamin E, Minerals and plant extracts useful for promoting the physiological functions of the prostate.

Serenoa: has anti-androgenic properties. It inhibits the binding of DHT to androgen receptors in the prostate. Reduces symptoms of nocturia and residual urine. Increases urinary flow decreases dysuria.

Nettle:contains sterols, including beta-sitosterol, lignans, and fatty acids. Decreases the power of the binding protein in sex hormones, which reduces the swelling of prostate tissue. Beta-sitosterol is an important constituent of vegetable oils. It blocks the metabolism of arachidonic acid and it inhibits prostaglandin synthesis in the prostate.

Echinacea: it is used to increase resistance by stimulating the immune system.

Zinc: essential mineral for the prostate, for sperm maturation and egg fertilization. Research has shown that men with low testosterone levels, in particular, can benefit from zinc supplementation to increase both testosterone and fertility levels.

Ortosifonide: known for its diuretic effect, it also contains diterpenes, sesquiterpenes, phenols, and flavonoids.

Magnesium: it is a thermal regulator, a sedative of neuro-muscular excitability, corrects neuro-vegetative imbalances, is effective in the hepatobiliary disorders and the dermatoses resulting from it, in the disorders of calcium metabolism and parathyroids and vasculopathy. It stimulates physical and intellectual activity and inhibits the anabolic loss of vitamin E.

Pumpkin: contains cucurbitacins that inhibit prostate growth. Disorders related to the duration of urination, the frequency and volume of urine, the flow of urine, residual urine and nocturia, decrease considerably with the use of pumpkin seeds.

We recommend taking 2 tablets a day.

45 tablets (Net quantity: 54 grams)

Keep in a cool, dry place away from light.

It is not recommended for use in women of childbearing potential and in both sexes at pre-adult age. Carefully read the warnings and instructions on the label. Do not exceed the recommended daily. Keep out of the reach of children under the age of three. Food supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. We recall the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and a diverse and balanced diet.

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